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Supernova aims to be the ultimate trading platform featuring Supernova Swap, Portfolio Tracker and Crypto Trends dashboard.

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Supernova Swap will include features like Buy and Sell orders, stop loss, limits, LP removal listeners and many more which will make the trading easier than ever!
All you need to do to access those features is hold the neccessary amount of Supernova tokens (minimum amount will be set at Swap deployment)

Supernova Swap
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Not a financial advice.
Turn data into knowledge


Supernova Crypto Trends Dashboard (BCTD) turns crypto data into knowledge by following the market trends and 'watching' many well-funded wallets across the binance smartchain. BCTD will allow you to see other people's trading strategies, show you current crypto meta and help you become a better trader or project owner.

your trades


Supernova Portfolio Tracker is a full-spectrum trading monitoring and analysis service which will analyze your trades using Artificial Inteligence and give you pointers on how to do better trades (Not a financial advice).


Supernova has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. Max transaction is 1mil tokens and max wallet is 2mil tokens. Buy and sell taxes are 8% with the breakdown explain on the left (subject to change). Chain on which Supernova token will be launched is Binance Smart Chain.

The link between ideas and data-backed decision making.

Exploring and presenting crypto as it is.

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